Photo Credits

Big thanks to RadioAtlantic's partner photographers!

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Photo credits:

Maritime marine photos - Wallace MacAskill

Map background - Memorial University (with permission)

Wharf, Victoria-by-the-Sea, PEI - Stephen Hunter (with permission)

Harmonica and microphone - Dan Collins (Flickr Creative Commons)

Meaghan Blanchard at the 2009 ECMAs - Scott Blackburn (with permission)

Grass Mountain Hobos at Back Alley Music - Martin Cathrae (with permission)

Great Big Sea on stage - Doug Lawrence (Flickr Creative Commons)

Matt Mays - Michele Perras (Flickr Creative Commons)

Natalie MacMaster - Thom Conlon (Flickr Creative Commons)

Stompin' Tom Connors poster - Allan Lorde (Flickr Creative Commons)

On Vinyl - Alain Richard (wonderflur[at] (with permission)

The Rankin Family - Dave St.Amand (with permission)

Hey Rosetta! Sonic Temple close-up - Matthew Crane (Flickr Creative Commons)

Hey Rosetta! Sonic Temple - Matthew Crane (Flickr Creative Commons)

Ashley MacIsaac - Jenny Rotten (Flickr Creative Commons)

Barra MacNeils solo - Clayton Morrissey (with permission)

Barra MacNeils group - Clayton Morrissey (with permission)

Melanie Doane - Clayton Morrissey (with permission)

Ashley MacIsaac - Clayton Morrissey (with permission)

Great Big Sea and crowd 1 and 2- Justin Russell (Flickr Creative Commons)

Joel Plaskett at ECMAs - Dave Emmett (with permission)

The Barra MacNeils - The Barra MacNeils (with permission)