About RadioAtlantic

 RadioAtlantic is a free online radio station that plays contemporary and traditional east coast and Newfoundland music 24/7. 


Our mission is to host a vibrant community of musicians, music lovers, friends, family and beyond. We provide the means to keep in touch with what's happening, access local talent and support local endeavors. RadioAtlantic.ca believes in

  • Promoting the music and other artistic undertakings in a positive, ethical and intelligent manner.
  • Creating and nurturing a positive interaction with the people and environment around us.
  • Supporting our community.
  • Cherishing the value of the past, the potential of the future and the spirit of co-operation.



More than just music



But RadioAtlantic is more than just a radio station.


RadioAtlantic is your east coast music community. East coast musicians and east coast music fans support the local music industry by becoming part of the RadioAtlantic community.


Got a song to request? Got an album or event to promote? Think you can improve RadioAtlantic?


Tell us about it. Share your east coast music story. Get excited about what RadioAtlantic can do for Atlantic musicians.


RadioAtlantic founder Mac Day


RadioAtlantic founder Mac DayRadioAtlantic founder Mac DayRadioAtlantic was established in 2009 by  Mac Day.


Mac has worked as a  producer and announcer on Points East: An East Coast Radio Show on CHIN-FM in Toronto, as an announcer at CBC-FM and CHOZ-FM in St. John's and as station manager at CHMR-FM in St. John's, NL.


Most recently he has been working in the film and TV industry in Toronto and Halifax before launching RadioAtlantic in 2009.




RadioAtlantic - Your station


We established RadioAtlantic so Atlantic Canadian musicians--and Atlantic Canadian music fans--could connect and share their love of east coast music 24/7.


   The Spirit of Radio

As a source of information, local radio transcends the conveyance of explicit knowledge about a community and provides a tacit knowledge of the character of a community and a person's place within it. The importance of Internet radio is that it offers access to a uniquely local media source to a degree that other mediums such as television cannot duplicate because radio functions as a part of the unconscious experience of everyday life. This unique characteristic will increase the importance of local stations as they become more ubiquitous around the world, either as a force of cultural diversity and sensitivity or as a force of culturally imperial homogenization.

There is a connectedness between how local radio stations develop on the Internet and the role they will play in the global information society. The way in which this new medium develops will have a strong impact on its role in an increasingly multicultural global society. The depth of the potential impact of Internet radio is apparent in the level of tacit connection to the culture and identity it is capable of conveying. It is impossible to tell the future impact that Internet radio will have on the world society.”

  From "The Spirit of Radio" by David K. Burke in The Dalhousie Journal of Information and Management



By tuning in and being part of the RadioAtlantic community, you support east coast musicians, you support ethical music sharing and you show the world that east coast music is important to you.

By joining discussions or requesting music here at RadioAtlantic, you become part of the RadioAtlantic movement:


  • Listen to RadioAtlantic while you work.
  • Play RadioAtlantic over the speakers at your business.
  • Spread the word about RadioAtlantic.
  • Tell us about your east coast music experiences.
  • Do your part to support east coast music.


Get started and listen to a stream: choose either contemporary or traditional music.


Like what you hear? Think we could do better? Got music to send to RadioAtlantic? RadioAtlantic can't wait to hear from you.